Moms, how do you meet people in a new city?

About a month after I found out I was pregnant, I moved in with the father of my child, 2 hours away from where I was living and in a much smaller town. Luckily my bf had grown up here so he knew everyone, but is a very quiet man so his friends are people he's known since grade school. Most of my social outlet is spent online, here at talking with other moms. But for outward social experience, mine comes in the form of Church. I suggest looking for groups that have similar tastes as your own. Do you enjoy gardening? Most cities have gardening clubs that are always looking for new members. Visiting your city's Chamber of Commerce office or website will usually have information about all available groups. Military moms have great success becoming part of an auxiliary club. You can't go wrong at the park with your child, you can meet moms face to face there with children who may be your child's age as well.

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    I meat moms in local mothers groups as well as though library programs... our library has programs for even non walkers!
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