How long are babies cranky after shots.

Well every baby is different, so they could cry for a while or hardly at all. For me, Lucas is very good with shots! He gets them right on schedule, every 2 months or so, and every time he does the exact same thing. Lucas will eat the liquid shots no problem, I think he loves them haha. And for the needle shots is when he freaks out a bit. The first one he'll make a super socked face and then comes the crying! He'll scream through the needle shots and then we'll hold him until he stops. Lucas usually cries for maybe 10 minutes, if that, and then he's fine. Totally fine like nothing happened. I got very lucky with my son, but like I said, every baby is different!! :D

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      Shots can be the worst. My babies always slept after their shots. But i had to be careful because the spot where they had gotten the shot was always sore ...and they were cranky if i touched it pr bumped it!
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