Oh where to begin.. !

Tips for new Moms?

So many!

I'll share with you what I would tell a new Mom seeing as though I JUST became one myself.. :)

- breastfeeding is NOT easy.. it will be a big adjustment, it will (most likely) be painful at first.. but you will get through it..
- say goodbye to NORMAL sleep.. but not sleep all together.. it's true, sleep won't be the same.. you'll have to adjust, you will be up funny hours of the night, but it won't last forever..
- take those cat naps with the baby.. they HELP SO MUCH
- when a day feels like it's too much.. too many diapers.. too much crying.. not enough sleep.. messy house.. remember, it won't be like this forever.. in fact, when it isn't like this, you will casually smile thinking about those crazy chaotic days :)
- let others help! they want to make you dinner? let them! they want to watch the babe while you shower? you say yes!
- have great support around you.. and let them in!
- don't think that a routine or schedule needs to happen right away.. life is going to be funny and off beat for awhile.. try to embrace it

I could go on and on.. those are the first that come to mind.. but above all, remember hard days will happen.. but what makes the hard days worth it? That sweet little babe that you call your own!

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    Aww Meg!! Look at you!!! Mama so proud!! (Me I mean. Lol)... Remember your posts pre baby?? Remember you stressing about the baby room two months before your due date? Stressed u hadn't done it but didn't want to yet. Lol.
    And you asked all the "what's something you wish u knew/or had done before baby!?"

    Awww ANd now you're giving great advice!!! You're one of us now. Lol. Your initiation is complete. ;) and you're amazing at it all I'm

      Meg these are great things to remember... and remember as they grow it will get easier and when you are wondering how you will survive another day without a good nights sleep...remember you will ! Things continue to change as baby grows we must continue to adjust!
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