Baby Monitors

Mamas... do you have one? Use it often? Is it a video one?

Surprisingly.. we don't have one yet.. Monroe sleeps in our room so we really don't have the need for one yet.. but it got me thinking about how Mamas years ago, well they didn't have them at all either.. but now, tons of Mamas have video monitors and even monitors for breathing UNDER them.. it went from 0 to 60 at keeping an eye on the babes..

What do you personally do?

    We put a simple one on the registry, how ever I'm not sure I want to use it when its time. I'm afraid I will hear something in the middle of the night other than the babe!
      I had one when my kiddos were little... I rarely used it. The most use it ever got was in the spring r summer when baby was asleep inside and I was outside. It was nice to be able to garden or watch the other kiddos outside while baby was peaceful in the house!
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