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Hi everyone! As my profile says, I have been married 19 years and my husband and I have eight children ages 16 down to 3 years. I have also experienced six miscarriages in the past 16 years. Most of them have been between 12-14 weeks, with one occurring when I was 18 weeks along. My most recent one was just over six weeks ago when I was 14 weeks. Michael was perfectly formed.

My husband has been a purchasing manager or assistant manager in retail for over 30 years. I have worked from home for the past five years as a Virtual Assistant and blogger. Before children I was an office manager.

We live on a 16 acre farm and raise laying hens and turkeys organically. We also have a dairy cow, which we milk, and a 29 year old horse, a dog and three cats. In addition to all that, we run a small vegetable CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) where we provide members with a box of veggies each week for 20 weeks. We are very much on a journey to a healthier lifestyle and that's why we are raising our own food. It's expensive to feed a family of ten!

I love to travel when we have the chance, but in my «free» time I like to read or watch TV via online streaming.

Glad to be here!

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    Linda, when you break down the CSA cost per week it doesn't seem nearly so expensive. Ours runs about $17.50/week for a half share (for a single person or couple) and $30/week for a whole share (2-4 people).
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    ***Baby Team Leader*** I have been married for over 20 years. My husband and I have eight children ages 18 down to 4 years old. We use to live in Chicago but now live in Canada. I own