New Mom Tips!

As a new mom myself, I can tell you this: You'll learn as you go! Every mom you talk to will have a different remedy, a different opinion, a different idea! Each baby is different, and honestly a lot of what you'll need will come instinctually. It sounds cliché, but trust me it's true! But, here's some definite needs: simple onesies will keep getting baby ready to go out quick and easy as you can just throw pants over them. Keep TONS of receiving blankets on hand as they're good for EVERYTHING! Mittens are a life saver, as they keep your little one from scratching themselves until you're comfortable enough to clip their nails. And, last but not least, sleep when they sleep. You may have dirty dishes or a project for work, but it can wait. A zombie mommy is nowhere near as productive as a mommy with a catnap!

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    Learning as you go is a great tip! Also the cat nap tip! napping is what got me through my day with my little ones!
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