How far is too far?

I'm watching a 20/20 show in which 2 daughters are working tenaciously for their mother's justice. They made a promise to their mom that they would investigate should something happen to her. Foul play is suspected.

One of the daughters is a wife and mother who makes frequent trips to the place where the trial is. In one sense, it's very noble that she is dedicating so much of her time to bringing her mother justice. On the flip side, what about her own family that she leaves behind during her frequent trips to solve this unknown mystery and when she returns she is stuck in her office doing research.

How far is too far? I know that I would be devastated if I was in their shoes. The promise was to investigate, which they have. There was no promise to stop only once their their step dad with charged with murder and put in prison.

My heart also goes out to her spouse and children. They are living. No matter how much research she is doing, she can't bring her mother back to life. She already avenged her mother's death by doing something about it.

    This is a very hard question to answer... I know I would want to find out what happened... but it all depends on the situation and how you personally feel...
      I believe that they genuinely believe that the guy who was charged with the crime but later, the charges were downgraded then dropped, is guilty of their moms murder ,and they believed that he'd be found guilty, once you go public with something it is quite difficult to retract a committed statement such as a promise, they believed that he would be held accountable for the crime, they never took into account his defense, I believe that it is not the dedication that's the problem it is being committed to a promise, that has been brought public, sometimes backing off and casting your care unto GOD may be the best answer for them, having done all to stand, STAND allow GOD to get involved and watch him turn things around, so that HE will get the glory, HE does the most with the least, It is time to brickwall it and trust HIM!
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