im almost positive i have conceived but i dont want to get ahead of myself

so the last week ive felt really sick i havnt been able to eat anything with out getting sick and my boobs are super sore and today i saw a tiny spotting like a slight slight amount and i had cramping before this and i got done with my period the 24 and im not due for it till the 17th but like i said i dont want to jump the gun and get my hopes up to much but i am praying that it is real. most women say that when they just know and i knew two weeks with m first daughter i kept saying i was and i found out i was three weeks in to my pregnancy i just feel really good about this.

    Cait... this could be a sign of early pregnancy... you can take a cheap test (dollar store) and see if there are any results...although it might be too early . You might want to call your doctor and see what they say!
      Amanda Muir
      Cait, what day did you start your period in April? I'm guessing based on finishing on the 24th that you likely ovulated towards the end of April (28th-May 1st depending on start of your AF and your typical ovulation period) or you may not even have ovulated yet if you aren't due for AF until the 17th, but you would be right about now or any day now. It would be too early to have symptoms of pregnancy because an embryo takes 3-4 days to implant on average after conception and then 3-4 days to start producing HCG (the pregnancy hormone that causes the symptoms). My advice if you want to conceive this month would be to keep doing the baby dance for the next few days in order to catch that egg. The earliest a test will show a positive is typically 7-8 days past ovulation (DPO) so you could start testing then.

      If you want to pin point your ovulation you can buy ovulation predictor kits (OPK) at your local drug store.
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