Should I reserve my future baby a room in the house?

I am going to try to not go overboard with making a baby room before I am pregnant... And really not before my second or third trimester.

However, when my husband and I buy our house... which I'm hoping we'll get the one I really like right now which has three bedrooms, I want to reserve one for baby in a way.

My husband and I will have our own room, the office, and we'll probably put some stuff in the third room, but I want to not try to overfill it, decorate it in 'adult' stuff, etc. in hopes that we'll have a baby soon.

I don't want to get pregnant and have morning sickness then try to be moving out big furniture, paint, all that noise. Well, maybe paint- or have hubby do it... But I don't want to have to rearrange the whole house to get rid of whatever is in the spare room. The past two places we've lived have been two bedrooms, so this shouldn't be too difficult.

Don't get me wrong... I want to make it a nursery straight away, in one sense... Paint it, start making baby stuff, add furniture... the whole nine yards. But, I don't know how long it will take to get pregnant again... if I'll experience anymore losses. And, I just cant imagine having to look at an empty baby's room if the situation isn't going as hoped. That seems depressing and creepy in a way, and I border on creepy as it is sometimes, heh. I told the husband I was going to start dressing up our cats in baby clothes and becoming THAT lady... And, I'm kidding of course. (No I'm not, HEH 0_o) I won't go that far really, lol... but, it is a worry about decorating a room. I don't want to have to walk by an empty room and feel heartache til I can fill it every time I see it, but I don't want to fill it up either.

And, baby will likely stay in our room for the first while anyhow.

I don't know when exactly we are going to start trying again... Probably pretty soon. I dragged my Fertilitea out today from our food tote, but I've not started drinking it. I do want to get settled a bit. Plus, I feel a little overwhelmed all around right now with all these changes anyway.

Did you ladies make your baby a room before, when you were still TTC, or after you were already pregnant?
Are you happy with the decision you made?

Would it be nuts for me to reserve that room a little, despite all the fertility problems I've encountered?

Moms Expertise
    We moved into our house while I was it was just natural to have the babies room all picked out. Before getting pregnant we were in an apartment and did not have a "babies" room.

    Perhaps you could have a guest room that could transtion into a babies room if the time comes!
      3Lin White
      We are trying to conceive now and I already have the baby room selected I also have an idea how I would be decorating not get to streets just have some fun
        Melissa Middleton
        LOL!!! At the cats.
        Oh dear, I brought clothes for my Dachshund before I got pregnant, carried him around like a baby, spoiled him with toys, an oversized bed, and other junk he really didn't need. I almost started to make his own dog food! =/

        I think it is a great idea to set a room aside for a baby. You can use it as storage, for now. Why? So you aren't panicking or scrambling about at the last minute wondering where you are going to put the little one...that is what happened to us (my son was a surprise...a beautiful one, though). Now, with having a surprise the first time, I wonder where the next one will be placed if we get "another surprise."
          Yes, reserve the room for nursery just no decorations or baby st uff until 2nd trimester. Use the spare room for recreation/hobby/meditation, keep your arts and crafts in there, etc. Keep the atmosphere in that room uplifting :-)

          We are renting a single room inside a house and we have to move before baby is born. Unfortunately, I don't get to decorate a nursery and doubt we'll be able to afford a 2nd room to turn into a nursery. That's ok, and I'm alright with the living situation I'm in. I'm just happy to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. I'm waiting until after my baby showers to buy big ticket baby items. Every week or so I let myself splurge and buy a onesie or sleeper.
            I definitely would not do a true baby room right now. Maybe put just a regular bed or something in it like a day bed. You would not have to do much decorating as far as the walls or anything. Maybe a mirror or something. Make it look like a livable room without putting much into it that would need to be moved out. Once you find out you are pregnant and healthy, then go for the baby room you always wanted., You are right in saying it would be very difficult to walk by and see all the baby stuff in the event that things did not go well. It would create extra heartache that would not need to be there.
            When you get the good news, I will be happy to assist in any decorating you want!!
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