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The "experts" are driving me crazy! Every time you turn around they are changing what is "good" for your baby and what is "bad". This is often just a flip flop of the two, leading to more confusion for parents these days. Thankfully I am a more experienced parent now and know a little better. But three years ago with my daughter I was constantly nervous about everything and so was my husband, and it drove my mother crazy lol. She would tell me "how do you think you made it out of childhood!" We stressed over what and how she ate, slept, played, or grew. I think it lead to us missing out and just enjoying having a baby. Now I enjoy my preschooler and don't stress over every little thing the experts say she should or should not do. As long as it's not endangering her health or well being I let her be her.

Every child is different. My daughter slept on her back as and infant, she was fed breast milk and formula, she was given rice cereal as her first foods. We stopped buying name brand diapers and formula (great advertising doesn't make a product better). She never ate more than a 6oz bottle and was always "under weight" and a little short. I got her all the vaccinations (though seeing her cry was hard). Guess what, now I have a happy and health 3yr old who is thriving. Take that experts!

With this next baby I promised my husband and myself not to be neurotic and just enjoy what I have been given. If your a first time mom, my advice to you is not to stress over everything you read and hear from the "experts", some of them just want your money. Educate yourself and follow your babies ques, they will let you know whats best for them.

Ok rant over, thank you for listening lol.

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    Amanda Muir
    I agree that nowadays we rely more on books, internet advice, etc. then our own motherly instincts which are inherently there. But I do also feel that it's a balance because when we know better we do better. So just because I survived childhood doesn't mean I'm going to throw my baby in a playpen in the back of my van with some pillows.... lol
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