After what has been a hellish week...

It has been confirmed that Steven and I did lose our baby...

Sunday evening, we got two BFP's. I even took one the following morning just to be sure. Still positive. Tuesday evening I started having a lot of pain in my lower abdomen. I took another home test, and it said negative. I immediately took myself to the hspital. I sat there for three hours to be told (by some callous prick of a doctor) that I was never pregnant, the pain I was feeling was a cyst, to take some motrin and I'd be fine. I was devastated. They never even checked my hcg levels. Just the 'pass fail' line I think it's 1000.

After talking to you ladies, and my mom, we decided I needed to get a second opinion. I drove to another hospital about 2 hours away, and they said I was still pregnant but my hcg levels were VERY low and they were concerned that the pain I was having could be an ectopic. He told me to stay in bed, until I could get my levels checked Friday. (This was Wednesday.)

Thursday afternoon I started bleeding. at first it was so little I thought nothing of it and then it was like the flood gates opened up. I called my OB, and they sent me right back to the er. They told me that medically I was no longer pregnant because my hcg levels were too low. They also said that they risk of complications if it was ectopic are moot because the baby had stopped growing.

So now, I am coping with losing my second angel baby at 5 weeks. (the first was 5w3d) I am numb and devastated and angry and scared and jealous and so many other things rolled in to one.

I can't tell you ladies how much it means that you have been there for me through this. It's been so hard.

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    Amanda Muir
    Big (((hugs))) Kimberly. I know there is nothing that I can say to make this better, but know we are here for you. All that you are feeling is normal and it's healthy to let yourself feel it all and grieve your loss.
      :( I will pray for you and your family.
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