Opening up.

I have a lot of health problems going on. I've been in and out of the hospital, for weeks and months on end, since last August. It's been hard on Zoey. I'm not with her dad. We're great friends but I'm still her mommy. I cherish every moment I spend with my kid. I've missed too much. I live in a constant state of love, guilt, and pride for her. I just wanted you ladies to know, I'm not ignoring or absent. I actually just got out of the hospital yesterday and am kinda on a bit of bed rest. But I promised my daughter I'd take her to her friends birthday tomorrow. And I'd kill myself before breaking a promise to my beautiful kind hearted daughter.

I look into her eyes, see pure ness and love, and wonder how I got so lucky to know her.

Opening up.
    I'm sorry things have been so difficult, and I think that in the long run, if you can see to getting yourself as healthy as possible, your daughter will value that. She looks like such a special girl, so do what you can for both you and her. Taking care of yourself is for her too.

    Don't worry about us here at too much--we're here to help when we can and when it's convienent. :)
      OH Jen, I'm so sorry your health isn't where you'd like it to be. I hope you are back to yourself soon. It's clear you care about your daughter very much, and I don't think anyone here has questioned that!
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