Rash on baby, when to worry?

Our skin is a funny thing, isn't it? Some people have very sensitive skin and react to everything (raises hand) and others very rarely even get a pimple, let alone a rash. Most of us fall in between, babies included, so the best thing is to get to know your babies skin type. Is it sensitive? Not so sensitive? Are there certain things that cause rashes on your baby (neither of my kids could have wool anywhere near them)?

It's time to worry if the rash becomes uncomfortable, spreads or is accompanied by other symptoms. because there are so many types of rashes and so many reasons one might occur it's hard to know how to treat them.

Diaper rashes usually respond to ointment made for that area, but what if it doesn't? It may be something more, at the very least call your nurse line to see if your baby needs to be seen.

Welts are more concerning as they usually indicate an allergic reaction. That is a good time to be concerned, especially if there are accompanying symptoms. An anaphylactic reaction does not always mean difficulty breathing. It is actually a skin reaction combined with another major organ reaction like itchiness of the mouth/throat or tongue swelling. That requires a doctor visit and possibly allergy testing. You may be instructed to keep an epi pen on hand until you know more about your childs allergy as follow up reactions tend to be more severe after the initial anaphylactic reaction.

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    This is a great overview! I tried to give one yesterday, but I felt that my experience was a little to limited. Maddie has dry skin, and would get spotty upon eating some foods, but never bad enough to worry. I like the way you put this.
      This is really great info. Thank you so much for posting such an in depth response!!
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        Bub had eczema as a baby so yeah. That hasn't been an issue in a long time except for his scalp, He has to scrub it and it can be tender sometimes.

        Mini has had some odd rashes, including the one that made us think she had a peanut allergy. Luckily she didn't test positive for a peanut allergy, but on the flip side we have no idea what caused her to react like that. We have epi pens just in case.
          This is great insight! I would always confer with the doctor when in doubt!
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