Humidifier during baby's colds

I use a hot/cold humidifier during my baby's cold, and I think it helps because it keeps her nasal passages moist, which helps to keep the mucus from drying and blocking her breathing. You can buy one or the other, or a humidifier that does both. With a hot humidifier, you do have to worry about baby potentially getting into it and getting harmed.

If you can't buy a humidifier, a steamy bathroom can accomplish the same thing, but not as constantly (unless you want to spend day and night in the bathroom).

Moms Expertise
    We have a cool mist humidifier as well. We don't use it very often because (thankfully!!!) our kids don't get sick very often, but it is a lifesaver when it is needed!
      We use a vaporizer but I agree that the shower always worked the best for us!
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