Endometriosis and Depo Shot

So this might be a little long but bear with me lol.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in November of 2012. They put me on the depo shot (progesterone) to shrink it. It worked. It went from 22 mm to 14mm in 6 months. Unfortunately, I lost my insurance after my second shot in May of 2013 so I was unable to continue the treatment. I went several months without the shot and the endometriosis came back full swing and with a vengeance. I decided to get some private insurance so I could at least start the shot up again. So I did and things have been weird since. I'm now about to end the 12th week of my second shot, so I'm due for another one on the 19th. Unfortunately though, again, I'm without insurance so I'm either forced to pay $150 out of pocket until I get insurance or I stop again. Also, my "periods" have been spotty and strange. One day it's heavy spotting then the next it's gone. It's annoying, and frustrating. I didn't have any periods the first time I was on it, from November 2012 to May 2013. But this second time around it's been spotty and irritating. Should I even continue the shot? I know the endometriosis will just grow back if I don't continue but without insurance, what can I do?

    I think it would be best to try to treat your condition, but I understand that insurance is a bear. Where did you purchase it the first time? Are you elligible for any coverage that healthcare.gov can provide? I'm not very well versed on any of this, but I do want to help if I can.
      I'm not very well versed on endometriosis, but for me all my tough decisions come down to: what would I regret 5 years from now.
      Would your endometriosis progress to a point where you were either unable to have another child, or to where you are unable to function at a level you are comfortable with? Then continue treatment FOR SURE.
      Is the spotting and the cost of either paying out of pocket for insurance or paying for the shot without insurance damaging your life in other ways? Is the sacrifices you have to make to pay for the shot and deal with spotting worse than any consequences you would have to deal with if you didn't continue treatment?? Then stop!

      Basically my long winded response is saying: It's your choice. Take a few minutes and really think about the costs and benefits of both options and make your decision that way :) Good luck Dale, I'm sure this is not an easy decision!
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