Baby's Favorite Choking Hazards!

Moms with older kids... do any of you find the baby's very favorite toys are always the ones that are most dangerous??? Right now, Hayden will do anything (seriously, ANYTHING) to get her hands on one of the big kids' Squinkees. For those of you not familiar - Squinkees are little tiny rubber/silicone characters. They are TINY. Probably just the right size to get nice and stuck in a baby's throat. :(

What are your little one's favorite things to get their hands on that you wish they would just stay away from?

BethSummerville, South Carolina
Melissa Middleton son does the same with any electronic as well. And, oddly enough, he knows how to work them. But, it is hard to type when they want to navigate the mouse and type as well.
    Oh my goodness... my house abounds with squinkies and squinkies zinkies (which are even tinier squinkies!) i am so glad we do not have a wee one about or I think I would go crazy ...between the squinkies, zinkies, and legos... there is always something to step n in my house... it would be a landmind of choaking hazards for a wee crawler!
      Melissa Middleton
      Right now, my daughter keeps everything in her room, and my son does not go in there unless we are there with him. I suppose if she brought her stuff out, he would be in it, but I believe she keeps it in her room so he doesn't. Lol But, she is also older, too.
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