neighbors in an apartment complex

so my daughter had her own room and loved being in it all the time loved sleeping in her room i will be moving in July but the manager wont help me with my neighbors ive complained since they moved in they were harassing us harassing my dog. my sister has miley cyrus hair cut as much i hate that she loves the disgusting girl my neighbors had called her a dike based on her hair cut and i made a report to the police and California police don't do s*** for any one. but as i was saying they would scream threw my daughters room window tho it was closed its very thin windows here and they would scream curse words wake her up then scream at her cause she would cry for me and they have just been horrible. now their are 8 people in a two bed one bath and its a violation. i don't know how to report this or who to report this to since police didnt work management didn't do a thing im so stuck i cant get out of my lease its a thousand dollars to break the lease then a full months rent which is 835$ then they might keep our deposit. does any one know of anything i can do if so please let me know im so helpless at this point

    I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this. I would suggest giving management another chance, as well as the police. Depending on the hours, they are harassing your daughter/your family there probably isn't much anyone can do because of freedom of speech. But if it's late at night you could get them on a noise violation. Also if they truly have 8 people living there, not just visiting - it would likely be a healthcode violation.
    well ive gone to the management with police reports and everything i can think of to get these people kicked out or for us to just leave which is what i want more than anything. we have security at night who i have to call one to twice a week cause they will stand on the porch with a squeaky toy to get my dog barking i kniw this sounds crazy but ive literally watched them stomp up and down the stairs bounce on the porch out side my house it ranges from a 12 year old ding this to teens and their mother ive counted the people and ive watched who lives there cause the police said to do that to call a health violation also a housing violation
      Unfortunately there are plenty of loopholes (I have to learn far more than I'll ever want to know since I manage the bf's properties)

      For example, the lease probably does have a clause about how many people can reside, but most of the time it's for x amount of time. Like, visitors cannot occupy the residence for longer than 14 consecutive days. So.. if they're hanging around for 10, leaving for 5 and starting over, they are technically not in violation. Again this all depends on the wording.

      Noise violation could be an angle but if they're stomping around being jerks during the day that won't help you much. If management won't help you and police won't either (I can't imagine that they would) you should call the housing authority and see what your next step should be. Document everything, who you talked to, the date, time, issue, their response, etc. There ARE ways around this. Good luck!
        I can't tell you to do what the country in me would do because it probably doesn't apply to you, your LA area, or your situation.... but I have been in a similar situation...Perhaps lay low, be safe and wait it out...Stop Renting if you can...or even if you can't... For $835 a month you could move to a mid size or small town and build yourself an empire...Imagine $900 a month in a mid size town, Roaming around and stretching your legs in a house on 60 irrigated acres with mountain views, 1/4 mile outside of town and 10 minutes from the river... And there are far better deals the more country you get... hang in there and be safe, You are almost out of your lease :)
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