Pack n Play to toddler bed

So I have been internally debating if Kendall is ready to go to a big boy bed as they are called in our house. But unfortunately I'm thinking I'm the one worrying about it more than he is. He knows how to get up and shake his whole pack n play when hes awake cause he can't get out of it. But I'm also afraid moving him up I won't hear him get up either. He still sleeps in my room at the moment cause my next step is to move him into the same room as his big brother. He doesn't seem to mind still being in his pack n play but hes starting to get too long for it. Hes taking after his dad with height.
But I guess I'm questioning if he's ready or if I'm ready for that matter.
It probably doesn't help I have baby fever either.

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      it may be time to try and move him...try it for a few nights and see how it goes. I mean if he is out growing the pack and play it may be time anyway!
        He's almost 2 I think he's ready. Make a big deal out of it that its so cool that he gets a big boy bed!! get the toddler rails so that he doesn't fall out. Then also you could put bells on the rails and when he gets up you would hear the bells... you could also put a baby moniter in their room just to have extra ears in there incase he gets up and you dont hear the bells... He will be excited it might take a bit to get him to stay in there but he will get it and having his brother in there might help him to feel safe and stay there.
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