New Book: Parenting Beyond Pink and Blue, whether you’re having a little Ethan or a little Emma shouldn’t influence much.

A new book is coming out from author, Christia Spears Brown, PhD. She thinks the gender of your baby shouldn't matter to the way you parent your baby.

What do you think about this article?

    Hmm. Interesting. Although it's not the point of the article, my immediate feeling is that this parent is projecting her own beliefs too strongly, ie the part about how she doesn't like princesses because they wear sparkly outfits and wait to be saved. That's not how a 4 year old views princesses.. well, maybe the sparkles.

    I was raised in a household where I was the only girl, and the youngest child. Did I learn how to manipulate men early in life? You bet I did.

    I do not hold the popular vote on this. I believe women belong in the home. I believe it is a woman's place to raise and present acceptable, polite, well nurtured children. I believe it is a man's place to get out there and provide so that this can be possible. It's Charlie's dads responsibility to show him how to do boy stuff. Yep, I agree with that fully.

    So.. I don't agree with sections of this article. But I do agree with some also, no matter the gender we should be teaching our children how to love, respect, educate, pray, all of those things that are not gender specific.
      I like that we are going away from the idea that men have to be this big, strong person and that they can't do things like be in the delivery room, change diapers or play baby dolls with their daughters. This starts with our sons. I want my son to grow up and hopefully have children that he feels fully 50% partner in raising them. I want him to teach his sons to play ball and that it's okay to have emotions too. I want him to show his daughters love and how they deserve to be treated by the first man in their life to love them. I also want him to feel responsible for his family in all ways, emotionally, monetarily, whatever. I want the same for my daughter too when raising her children.
        I try hard to give my children influences that are not gender specific....and even if they are i open it up to them...for example when my daughter had bring a friend to dance class day she brought her brother ...and all my children went to a Karate trial class (they did not like it ... but tried it) . All my children sing in the church choir and my son plays the handbells...
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