Lotion for Moms

What type of lotion to you moms use for your self? My skin is SO dry and but I don't like to put on lotion cause then I get super hot and sticky... But I'm so dry and itchy its crazy. I wake up at night cause I'm so itchy... :( any suggestions...

    Coconut oil or Aveeno lotion are my favorites!
    I use to use nivea too!
      I am always super dry and my skin is sensitive so I use Aveeno baby lotion. I have tried EVERYTHING and it's the best. And it doesn't leave that sticky, heavy, oily feeling that makes you feel like you're wearing a heater! Lol
        Oh man. My hands dry out too. It's awful. I'm constantly putting lotion on but then have to wash them or do dishes then re apply.
        But I can't stand the feeling of dry hands. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me.
        My lotion isn't greasy though. After about a minute anyway.
        I use aveeno, Nivea, jergens I like best and its the cheapest.
        For the itchy.. I use cortisone cream as hand lotion or mix it in there. A little squirt of each. Sometimes my finger tips and cuticle area gets cracked so some noes porin on those. Lol.
        Seems like I do full on maintenance doesn't it?? But I don't. Really. It's so quick and constant and I have lotion everywhere. Bathroom, kitchen sink, car, purse. Lol
        And at night while I watch tv. Ill run in coconut oil. And do that for a few minutes while I watch something. Really massaging it in. Love it and it absorbs so quickly. Not greasy at all.

        I wish I didn't need the lotion every time I rinse or wash my hands. But w kids its constant the washing or anti bacterial wipes etc which eat at your skin.

        But seriously ... The dry hand feeling drives my crazy. I can literally feel my skin tightening and getting gross.

        So I feel ya. I'm. Almost 43. Gulp. I like my hands. Lol. Need to keep them not like a farmers.

        Wow. Tmi?? Sorry. Lol
          I used to have this crazy itchy condition pre-pregnancy and luckily it's gone away. I've had good luck with Renu, a specific brand you can also buy through Melaleuca.com. If you know someone doing the business, maybe they'll give you a sample to try? It's wonderful for folks with sensitive, dry skin. I've also used Hawaiian Moon which is a soothing aloe and works wonders as a facial moisturizer and for arms and legs after a shower. Lately, I've been u sing coconut oil and rub it on my occasional dry patches of skin. Dry patches go away in a couple days :-)
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