Sleeping with a bottle as sleep aids: is it ok?

I've heard of quite a few moms that will let a toddler have a sippy cup of water in his bed or something to that effect. As for a baby I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving anything in bed with him. Just the baby, nothing else should be in bed with him. But that's me.

Do any of you leave a bottle in your babies bed?

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    I never allowed the bottle. Akways a pacifier. I'd switch them out quickly if they fell asleep on the bottle .. Never in the crib.
    I've seen so many friends and my sister struggle with ending this. And the sugar in the milk is bad for their teeth and if the bottle is empty and they suck then they get air and bad gas.
    I'm grateful I thought of this before and had been around kids and my nieces and friends babies before I had my own and noticed things they struggled with. Mental notes taken.

    I've failed miserably at some. Lol.
      All my babies co slept so I never had a need to put them down with a bottle.
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