Do you Co-Sleep with your baby?

My sister was telling me that her little one is having issues sleeping, and I told her when my two were babies my husband, and I would have them in the bed with us. She said she was told that co-sleeping is super dangerous, and you could kill your baby while asleep, etc. I told her she could place the crib next to the bed or if she is willing to spend the money they have co-sleepers that fit on the bed like the By Your Side Sleeper…

used one like the one in the picture and it worked out great.

Did you co-sleep? What are your thoughts on it?

Do you Co-Sleep with your baby?
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    I slept with my daughter in my bed. It makes it harder to get her into her own room/crib eventually.. But, I still did. :) Altho, my daughter has major health issues so I liked to check her breathing all the time. So, I always had her close to me.
      8Theresa Gould
      Yes, we have practiced co-sleeping since our third child. We were kind of dumb with our first two! lol! Because co-sleeping makes things so much easier in many respects. It's when they are 3 and 5 and put their feet in our backs or hog the bed that my husband starts to say they need their own bed! ;)
        I bed share. I have read a lot that suggests that dangers come mostly from how you bedshare, and there are safe ways to do it.
          I co sleep too but I bought the luly boo on the go bassinet n it works great especially when u go out with ur baby we had the moses but it took to much space and this one stores easily they sell it at baby r us
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