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I work part time and my coworkers thing my days off are my days to relax. Ha, my days at work are my days to relax. It's tiring being a mom. You always have two or more people to think about. It's such a novelty when I get to do things by myself.

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    It's so much harder than people realize. Sure, I get to hang out with Charlie all day. yep.. alllll day. So when I do work, I'M the one that calms down his storms. I still feed, I still diaper, I still burp, change, entertain. All day. No breaks. No lunch breaks. Takes an hour to leave the house. It's hard, and I agree with Jessica. Not even going to attempt to explain it to people who don't have kids.
      I know what you mean...sometimes just a shopping trip with one child is relaxing ... let alone one by myself!
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      I had my first child in April 2013, just before our one year anniversary. Riley has been an absolute joy and I love every minute of being mom. But I am the first among my friends to have a child, so there isn't always an easy place to go for advice.