Memorial weekend

Do you have any plans for the Memorial weekend? We will go to camp Lebanon, can't wait to relax and have fun for couple of days with my hubby and son. I don't think we will be able to swim yet, but it's ok, they have a lot more to do there beside swimming

    My birthday is the 28th. But it's Akways almost fallen on Memorial Day. Which is both great and bad. Lol

    Great if I can celebrate a few days vacay. Bummer when I was little and no one could come to my party cause they were gone. We figured it out eventually. Lol.

    My kids and I go to the Los Angeles veterans cemetery. It's beautiful and now they read we love reading through the tombstones and what people say about their loved ones in short sentences.
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        Wow... I have not even thought that far in advance! now you are making me think of things to do and I must consult my calendar! LOL!
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