When sister bear comes out...

I have to laugh, Mini showed her sister bear tonight (the smaller version of momma bear).

Bub has friends spending the night and one of them decided that he needed the bowl of popcorn to himself and was teasing the other kids. I stepped back because I wanted to see if the kids would work it out on their own, but no. Sister bear had to step in. She walked up to the boy, gently took the popcorn bowl from him and deposited it in Bub's lap.

I guess no one can mess with her little Bub except for her of course. ;)

    Oh I love that. And love it when it happens. My son and daughter play outside with our neighbors a lot and if his sister gets upset and he didn't see what happens (usually its the brat across the way that ruins everything and can't stand to lose).. I see my son sort if puff up and walk to her, "what happened Addison?"
    But when it's HIM inflicting the emotion or pain. Lol. He is Akways like, "oh please. You're ok"..
    No one else can fudge with her. If u know what I mean.

    She's the same. Same bratty neighbor was arguing with him and them calked him dumb and his sister says "oh whoa whoa. My brother is not dumb. U wanna see dumb? Look in the mirror"

    I hear this from upstairs. I can see and hear everything in the courtyard and I almost spit out my afternoon coffee.

    I think she threw in a Brooklyn accent too. Lol.

    Love. It.
      great story! Love it when they help each other out this way! :) Smiles!
        Melissa Middleton
        Way to go, Big Sis! I applaud her!
        My (step) daughter is very over protective of her baby brother, too. If her cousins get too rough with Jonah for her liking, she lets them know. Of course, they weren't getting too rough but she told them, "No! Gentle like this," when they were tickling his belly. She'll take Jonah from them, too. No one messes with her baby brother. I think she may actually do bodily harm to someone who did.
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