my face is on fire.

Ever since I had Elizabeth two months ago every face soap causes my face to burn. I used to use st I've apricot scrub... Tried aveno foam in face cleanser... Then tried a clean and clear night time faoming soap. All of then burn. So tonight I tried the Johnson and Johnson all over baby soap and that burned too. Maybe its my shampoo and conditioner???? Any ideas? Maybe my next shower I will try just the baby soap on my air and face. Never had such a problem b4.

    oh no shannon I am sorry to hear this. What about trying a natural soap without any chemical additives? Other wise maybe just wash with water and give it a good scrub?
      I'm beginning to think its the shampoo and conditioner now... So my next shower I'm going to use the baby Johnson and Johnson head to toe was on my head and face.
      B4 I got prego I was using dove products mostly for my hair... I ran out of my stock pile and then my husband and I lost our jobs so I started using cheap stuff.
      So now I will just go to baby stuff from here and see where it takes me.
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