Do you eat "kids" type of foods?

I'm obsessed with Popsicles. Love candy. Old school razzles. Hubba bubba grape gum.. Then there's string cheese, carrots in ranch.. Fruit snacks. Kids cliff bars.. Don't like the grown up ones.

Anyone else love foods or treats considered "for kids"?

There are these really yummy fruit roll ups. I forget the brand but they're so full of sugar and crap and are rainbow colored and like 99 cents for 24 of them so u know they're bad and I get them as dessert for the kids or a Friday treat in their lunches. But I eat them. Like one after the other. Like an addict and they're so delish... My kids will call me out too ... Lol
    Oh...razzles! LOL! Those are the best...its a candy and a gum!

    i am not obessed with children's food choices but I will eat them on occasion!
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