Safety tips for babies at the beach

I've never taken a baby to the beach, but I think I know at least a little about the topic. I hope you moms have some to share, though, especially those of you who've done it!

I think the top three precautions to take would involve the sun, water, and hydration.

Babies have sensitive skin and often burn easily... make sure baby has PLENTY of sun protection. How old is it they have to be to wear sunscreen? I'm thinking it's six months, but someone who knows for definite please fill me in!

There are other methods of sun protection too, of course. I suggest a little baby beach hat and one of those half tent canopy things you can mount in the sand. I'm pretty sure Meg was looking into those recently... Do you have any good info on those? Also... Baby sunglasses. I don't know how small they make them or their overall safety, but I imagine that might be an option if baby doesn't mind stuff on their face.

If you have a ginger baby like I was, I would take even extra precautions... Maybe a super super thing white baby top to reflect the sun and keep the rays off baby's skin. It doesn't take much sun to make a ginger baby look like a lobster. (Or a ginger adult, at that...)

As for the water... I don't know how I'm going to feel about this one, mainly because I'm not the strongest swimmer myself. I know a few moms on here have said it's safe to take baby in the ocean as long as you don't get very deep and the current is pretty calm- and obviously you have a good grip. Is there anything you can use to make sure you keep a handle on your slippery sunscreened baby in the saltwater? Like.. I donno, a baby leash or something? Obviously, I'd hope I wouldn't drop him or her, but... things happen. I feel like I'd want some backup just in case.

Moms who have taken babies in the ocean... Do you have any tips for this?

And hydration! I think this is important for mama and baby! The beach can not only wear you out but dry you out, especially if you go somewhere like California. Between the constant wind and the sweat, it's easy to get dehydrated really fast and not even notice it. Have plenty of water and maybe something with electrolytes also. Make sure everyone drinks consistently through the day so no one overheats or gets too dehydrated.

Someone on here also mentioned, just as a tip, to bring baby powder to the beach- for everybody! Apparently, if you sprinkle it on the remaining sand stuck to your body, it'll slide right off. I've never tried it, but some moms swear by it!

Oh, and one last thing on sun protection! Don't forget the lips! Do any of you ladies know when baby can wear something like Chapstick with sunscreen?

What tips do you have for taking a baby to the beach and staying safe?

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    Cassandra ... these are ALL great tips that work wonders! Babies at the beach can be fun. If you have a small non crawling baby then you might just want to bring the stroller along too... that way they can reside in their own habitat! LOL! But the umbrellas or tent canopies work great too! Oh and baby powder is awesome for sand for people of any age!
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