Every hour on the hour

This is going to be a long post. So I'll try to do highlights.

-my ideal outcome would have been natural birth, no meds, and breastfeed

- reality I was induced and eventually, had to have a c section

-after that lovely experience, my baby wouldn't latch

-after two private lc consultation and lessons ($75 each)and whole days spent at the hospital

- I attended mommy and me groups

- there unlearned things like " hold your baby, comfort your baby, he will be better after 4th trimester, he's teething, he needs you, he will be more confident with all the love your giving him, be patient, hold him wgehefer he cries, there's always a reason......

Results: I have a 9th month old baby whom I have to physically put back to sleep for every single nap. I wake up every 1-2 hours, no exaggeration. He can barely be alone, always needing to be held. Well I feel like I set myself up for failure. I've had many arguments with my husband over the baby cryin all the time and waking us up and having to sleep on our bed :( wakes up crying 95% of the time. Has anyone else experienced this and if so did we follow different methods? Btw, all this time, he ha been on me, 2nd time u try to put him down as he wake up. Putting baby back in crib take 3! :(

    This would be a good question for Kim Haiduke to answer as she has been great at putting her children to sleep consistently in their own bed. I always co slept or had the baby in a bassinet by the bed...

    Glad you finally had success!
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