It's 5 pm.. it's dark ish.. I'm SLEEPY and ready for the kids to be in bed!!!

The time change is always hard at first... I feel like I should be feeding them dinner at 4:15... We always get used to it... But.. man am I TIRED!!!!

I do however, get to trick the kids a bit and tell them it's bed time at 7:15 rather than 7:45... ​

    8Theresa Gould
    I'm with you. I am already longing for the long summer days again.
      I know the feeling! It was nice the first day, but I've been staying up til sunrise writing every night, so getting the sleepies at 7 and 8 pm once it's dark is just a moment of "Holy cow, I still have practically a whole day (night) ahead of me!" Shoo!
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