My baby ate a... what?

I'm sure a lot of us have stories about things our babies have eaten that made us cringe.

Both of my kids would try to chew on shoes. Not theirs, other peoples. Just yuck, I made everyone keep shoes put up because of that.

When Mini was a baby she got ahold of a bug. I will spare the details but I was mortified.

One of the kids, I can't remember which at the moment, ate a crayon. I didn't know until the diaper change that was oddly colored.

What about you ladies?

    Hahaha Tristen loves shoes and toes. He loves eating anything out of the garbage can. He used to eat hair all the time and I didn't know it until I would change his diaper and have to pull long hairs out. Ugh! I still have nightmares about it. Lol
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