Ideas for keeping kids & babies entertained at work

So I bring my son with me to work every Saturday. So far he has just been sitting in his stroller most of the day between cuddles or sitting on my lap. But he's getting older now and getting bored so (since my bosses have encouraged me to set up an area for him in my new office) I went ahead and ordered a little activity center and play mat, but I am wondering if anyone out there has some good ways for entertaining kids while you work? I thought it would be a good opportunity to share some ideas. Especially ideas for babies.

    Melissa Middleton
    My best guess would be anything that played music or made noise--my son loves anything like that, and it entertains him; I am not sure if you want noise in your office while working though. Lol
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      Yeah I know! It's just the one day a week but it really helps since his day care is closed on the weekends. And everyone at work loves giving him cuddles so he gets spoilt lol.
      I try to bring a toy or two but I might have to buy a few I just keep at work later on since it's a pain to lug them back and forth in the baby bag. Sometimes I forget to pack one and I have to improvise with keys and things lol
        I only work a few hours a day and it's from home. So I understand the frustration of keeping them busy while you're trying to get work done. Charlie seems to wake up right at 12:02 (I start work at noon and end at 2) and he'll fall asleep somewhere around 2:30 or so. Something too noisy makes it so I can't work and stimulates him way too much. But something not stimulating enough is well.. not stimulating enough. Nothing has been effective at covering the entire shift, but I find that a mixture of his binki, his giraffe, the blanket that he loves to shove into his face, and sitting on my lap watching the laptop is a safe bet (for the most part).
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