Bad Runny Nose

First time being sick with a cold during pregnancy. I can't stop blowing my nose. I've already rubbed Vics Vaporub on my chest and throat. Erik is at the store buying me Theraflu and throat drops. I don't have a humidifier, and we can't afford one so not an option :-( I'm about to take a hot steamy bath though in place of using a humidifier.

What do you ladies do or recommend?

    I feel that your babe would be just fine, if you feel that you should check with your Ob before using any of these remedies go right ahead, hope you feel better!
      Theraflu is on the safe medications list during pregnancy . The pharmacy was out of it :-( so Erik got me some kind of multi-symptom Tylenol for colds. I know from previous experience that pharmacists don't recommend taking anything multi-symptom unless I'm experiencing all the symptoms prescribed. Erik went back and got me some generic Benadryl and something else generic for colds. I alternated between the 2. It wasn't until late morning that I started feeling better when I took the full dosage on the generic Benadryl.

      I remember reading a forward on applying a thick layer of Vicks Vaporub on the soles of one's feet then sliding on socks. I did this at bedtime, but I didn't notice much :-(

      What helped me was applying a small amount of Vicks inside my nostrils on the outer skin to help me not blow my nose so much. I did this after blowing my nose each time. It helped clear up some congestion.
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