First toy your child picked for himself

So last Monday I was doing the groceries and I was in the baby section looking for something I needed when Jayson starts trying to reach for something. I look at the shelf and there's this cute stuffed lion rattle and I hold it out asking if that's what he wanted and he keeps trying to get it. I put it back because I hadn't planned to buy anything extra but he made a little sad face and I caved since it was the first toy he'd ever picked himself. Of course I won't be buying every toy he wants!
What was the first toy your child picked out? (or the first one you remember)

    Melissa Middleton
    Aw, that is so adorable! When my son does that, I will be getting it for him since it is his first toy, too. I hope he picks out something inexpensive. Lol
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        Aww that's cute, Selena did something similar and I let her have the elephant teether.
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