Yes, my son is circumsized. im on this group on facebook and they are completely against it but im not sure why when it seems to be beneficial for the boy. Is there any cons to having your son circumsized

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    Amanda Muir
    This is one of the reasons that I love mom forums - because you can learn so much new information about different things and it helps to make us all better moms. I have 2 sons and my oldest is circ'd and my youngest is not. We circ'd my first son because of all the reasons you always here - dad is, circ rate in our town was high when he was born and we didn't want him to be different, etc. AND because both DH and I have a brother who had to have a medically necessary circ at about 3-4 years of age so we were concerned that it may be something that runs in the family.

    With my 2nd son, I did a ton of research (mostly stuff that was brought up in moms groups I belonged to) and realized that I didn't want to do it. My OB is really against it and luckily my DH is a reasonable person who also agreed that there didn't seem to be a good reason for it. Most of the things we have come to believe are false. Medically there is no good reason to do it. My doctor said she would happily take our money but would never circ her own son. And she also told us that the way that our moms were told to care for our brother's uncirc'd penises is likely the reason they needed to be circ'd at 3. She said back then moms were told to retract the foreskin which is not necessary and can cause adhesions and infections. So with all of that we decided against it and my husband is prepared to have a conversation with the boys if they ever ask why they are different.
      Circumcision has become a lot less popular recently and is the topic of many *REALLY* heated debates between moms. I've heard some say it's because they think the baby feels the pain of the procedure. I've heard some say it's only cosmetic and they don't believe babies should have any cosmetic work done. Some say it's an outdated practice, some that we're born perfect and should stay that way. Some are worried about the doctor making a mistake. Whatever the reason, this is totally a personal, private decision that nobody should be criticized for, no matter which way they decided.

      My son is also circumcised. It was a decision that me and his father agreed on, and that is pretty much, that.