I really want to work from home and just cant seem to figure it out...

I really want to work from home because daycare costs us two arms, your left leg and your first born here. I make really great things and tried to sell them on Etsy and that was a total flop, I posted ads on Craigslist and some really wonderful person keeps flagging every post I do and therefore it removes every ad that I am trying to sell things (I think its the lady that is also selling the same things) and I have tried a million and one websites for working at home and have not had any luck as of yet with that. Any ideas ladies???

    Hi Stasia!

    I would say keep it up! If you have things to sell that people want to buy, they will buy! My advice to anyone who makes stuff they want to sell is this.

    Link yourself up with a local non profit organization. One who has a lot of pull in your community.
    Donate something to them as a raffle prize (I know.. just stay with me here!)
    Have them call up your local radio stations/tv stations and let them know that they're holding a raffle and Stasia's XYZ has donated this amazing wonderful something.

    Radio stations won't charge nonprofits so it's important that it comes from them, not you. Your name gets out there, you end up donating for a worthy cause, they get money for the raffle. Everyone wins!

    Selling your own wares is not an overnight thing. It takes time, consistency, frequency. If you believe that you can have all of those things, you can do this!

    Good luck to you :)
      I would love to have garage sales but... We live in an apartment lol. No garage here. That's one thing I miss about having our house. But we moved to the huge city and gave up house, land, quiet for apartment, parking space and LOTS of wild kids outside lol. We love it here though. I am sure I will find some craft shows here. We have only been here for about a month and a half :) I am going to start looking now :)
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