Get to know you question: What do you do for work and what does your husband do?

I work as the Business Development Manager for a company that manufactures, sells and distributes baby products.

My husband is a full time firefighter, works as an electrician part time on his days off and does some snow removal in the winter.

Amanda Muir
    Amy Phroper
    I start a job as a cashier tomorrow and start school for medical assisting in a week.

    My husband is a welder.
      Whoa.. love hearing this Amanda!! What baby products might I ask? If you don't want to answer.. that's fine too! :) And your hubby sounds awesome too!!

      For us..

      Me - I work from home and I am a social media manager for many local businesses here in the city.. I also own my own website that promotes handmade designers from all over the globe and finally I work at a barre fitness studio a morning a week! :)

      Husband - He is a heavy equipment lead operator!
        I am a partner at an accounting firm, (No, I can't help you on your taxes, sorry. #1 because I don't know US taxes very well, and #2 because I don't deal with tax usually. My focus is on financial statements of large public companies.)

        My husband is an in-house lawyer with a large telecom company in Canada.

        And, by the way, I really am fascinated at the way that women describe their jobs. I find SO MANY women that do work from home call themselves SAHMs, when in fact, they work quite a lot but happen to do it from home. Coming up soon, there will be a week when I'm going to be doing work from home all week and also a bunch of activities with the kids. Is that being a SAHM? I think if a man worked in freelance and was usually at home, he would not refer to himself as SAHD. I really do find it fascinating.
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