Ideas for contents for a gift box for a newborn

I am looking for ideas of contents to put in a newborn's gift box. What are your ideas?

    Looking back at when Charlie was born, I just wanted diapers. Nobody can prepare new parents for how many diapers they will go through. That can end up being a big box though, so maybe a gift card to or something similar. I know it sounds generic and not creative at all. But honestly a few weeks after we got home, and the few boxes we got from family, friends, and the hospital were gone. I couldn't believe it. We were spending SO much on diapers. Then when I had to stop breastfeeding.. the formula.. Oh my lord the cost.

    So.. cute is great. Creative is great and might make your gift show up in a scrap book or something. But of all the gifts I received, the best was the giant box of diapers and the giant box of wipes.
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