Oh Baby!

Well.. let's be honest here.. there won't be a lot of "give and take"playing when your little one is only 2 months old.. that being said, you want them to be active and do as much as their little noggins can soak up.. here are some things I found beneficial for Monroe, starting a month ago!

- tummy time.. this is a given :)
- play time on the play mat.. just letting them look above at all the dangling animals/objects and what not..
- letting them view black & white images.. this can really get their little eyes and noggins moving and thinking!
- reading to them.. we read nightly and during the day too!
- talk to them.. just in general, I talk to Monroe all day :)
- crinkle toys.. I started letting Monroe have a crinkle toy on his lap while he sits in his swing.. I even kind of lead his hand to poke it or hold it.. over a few weeks I find him reaching for them and touching them!

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