Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated

We chose to vaccinate Lucas and I know Abby had all her shots too. I've heard that some babies have bad reactions or that shots can cause other illnesses and such. We chose to vaccinate because we simply felt it was the right thing to do. Neither sides of our family have had issues with shots before and we didn't see a problem with it. Lucas and Abby have had their shots (and are still getting them) and they take them very well. No bad reactions, no unforeseen complications. As with anything with a baby, it's obviously a personal choice to do so or not. :)

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    To be honest (and I know this is not politically correct to say), I really don't see it as being a choice. I think it's hugely irresponsible not to vaccinate your child - both to the child him/herself and to other children in the community. But I know convincing people who are diehard anti-vax is a lost cause, so I don't even bother.

    My friend is a pediatrician, though, and he said she wouldn't even accept as a patient anybody whose parents don't vaccinate. He feels that it would put his other patients at risk in the waiting room and, plus, if they really don't trust his word on the medical science her, then there is no point if establishing the doctor-patient relationship.
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        On point with this article illustrating what is starting to happen with low vaccination rates. Hasn't hit North America yet, but it's just a matter of time.…
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