temper tantrums

My baby girl just turned 5 months old and she already throws temper tantrums. when she's sleepy she pinches and screams and kicks until she falls asleep. When shes done with her bottle or whatever shes playing with she throws it across the room! Is anybody else's baby like this! lol

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    when she was born, the doctor said she was really hyper. She was all the time wiggling and stuff when she was a newborn. Now that shes 5 months old, shes already trying to get into everything! lol I love every minute of it, but trying to get her to sleep sometimes is a real challenge.
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    I am currently a stay at home mom to a little girl who is 5 months old now. I would love to find some kind of job that would allow me to make money from home and take care of her too. Her daddy works a lot, and I want to make money to help with bills.