8 month old not sleeping during the day.

Lucas is 8 months in a few days!! And no, he doesn't sleep nearly as much during the day anymore. He might take two or three naps, but they're only for an hour tops. Usually about 30 mins. He's just getting older and not needing naps as much. I think if they don't sleep AT ALL, there could be something up. But a lot less naps I think would be pretty normal. When we get older we just don't need as many naps and we sleep a lot better and longer through the night! Lucas sleeps a good 7 hours at least every night. :)

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    Neither of my kids loved naps past the age of 6 months.. And if they did nap it was for 30 minutes and they were ready after.. I had early bed time when this happened.. They were both in bed asleep for the night by 6:30 once their naps changed.. it was both great and difficult.. they would get tired around 4:30.. and ready for a nap, but that was too late.. so I was very much occupying them for that last hour or so..
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