Pregnancy, lucid dreams, and trying to fly in a tornado.

In all honesty, it problem means nothing when you dream about being pregnant... or, at least not that you *are* pregnant, like many people want to believe.

I DO believe dreams have meaning, but I think that it is highly individual and can usually be determined by tracking your dreams over time. A super easy way to do this is to keep a dream journal. Even if you don't normally remember your dreams, the act of keeping the journal can vastly improve your memory. Even if for the first two weeks you write “I don't remember what I dreamed last night,” it tricks your brain into realizing this is something it's supposed to remember and so it does.

If your brain thinks the information will have no use, it doesn't bother remembering it. It's the same reason why (unless you're my father, lol) you don't remember every license plate you see in the day, or the exact color and pattern of the tiles in Starbucks. (I donno if Starbucks even has tile... See?) But... if you're going to USE it, say, for journalling, then those memories will be cached in a way you are able to retrieve them.

Just because dreaming about being pregnant may not have anything to do with actually being pregnant, and probably more so with focusing a lot on getting pregnant (or you ARE pregnant but already know)... That doesn't mean you don't have a personal dream sign that IS indicative of pregnancy... It would just require tracking for a while and a pregnancy or two to figure it out I imagine. I'd love to know if any of you know your pregnancy dream signs!

Another way you can start to remember your dreams is by jotting down or repeating to yourself before sleep that you will remember... Kind of like making a mental goal.

I've learned a lot about dreaming in my studies on lucid dreams (which I think everyone should try long enough to have at least one... it's AWESOME!!!) where you know full well that you are asleep and can actively control your dream. Wanna visit Tahiti with Vin Diesel? Want to take a trip to Mars? Fly (without an airplane)? Well, with lucid dreams you CAN. (Sort of, at least lol.)

One great way of learning to lucid dream is knowing your dream signs... as in, signs that can tell you you're dreaming because you dream about them a lot. For example, mine are tornadoes and being chased or followed by wild animals- especially lions. Which, by the way, made for a humorous moment in a time of terror for me on the trip through Arkansas.

Where I grew up and just about everywhere I've lived have not had tornadoes until the past couple years, but even then I was in the part of California that never had a tornado I knew of, so I had never really experienced it in real life. But I DREAM about them a ton, donno why. It's always a trigger for me to 'wake up' in my dream and start controlling it.

So... My husband and I are in the hotel in Arkansas after getting off the road when the warnings were coming on the radio for the tornadoes and I have a “OH WAIT! TORNADOES! I'M DREAMING, DUH!” moment and try to fly, LOL. Like, I literally jumped a bit and expected it to work because I thought I was asleep. I wasn't. My husband was standing right there, hahahaha. Doh.

There is a folk thing that says if you dream of flowing water you might be pregnant, though. I donno how true it is.

Do you have a specific dream you have when you're pregnant?

Do you lucid dream?

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    You might be able to remember some good ones if you journal! You probably do dream, your brain just doesn't regularly remember it. It could be worth a shot. I know you want to go to Tahiti with Vin Diesel, lol.
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