Fertilitea, EPO, Isoflavones and a NATURAL baby!

I am all about natural conception despite all the issues and the time taken on TTC for my husband and I. I might try to get a progesterone supplement when I next get pregnant since so many ladies here have carried to term after making that change, but aside from that... I want to continue to try the all natural, maybe not so old fashioned way.

I SWEAR by Fertilitea. After years of trying, it got me pregnant that month, though I was taking a lot of other stuff too. Its main 'active' ingredient is Vitex which is Chasteberry. I think you can buy capsules and other teas that contain it too, which I've never tried. I donno if the other herbs in Fertilitea do anything for pregnancy or are just for flavor and overall healthy, but let me tell you it is YUMMY. It's also pretty darn cheap considering you get a huge bag. It's not unheard of for more than one woman to get pregnant from the same bag. Plus, at least for me and another gal I talked to, it makes your libido skyrocket. Like, it's nuts. That makes me feel like it's doing SOMETHING with my hormones.

The downside to it is that some women who have decently short and very regular cycles sometimes get 'off' in their cycle a bit when using it... But for PCOS and long cycles...It's the bomb. You can get it on Amazon, by the way.

Other things that help are Evening Primrose Oil up to ovulation... It increases your cervical mucous and can make it stretchier and better fit for hubby's lil swimmers. It doesn't work for everyone and can actually dry some women up... But for others it works wonders. Just a try and see thing. You can buy a HUGE bottle of caplets on Amazon for less than $10. And if it works to conceive, you can use it for labor, inserted, to help soften up your cervix when it's time! Double duty. DO NOT TAKE PAST OVULATION WHEN TTC. I stopped a little ahead of time, just in case. It's fine in your body, just don't keep taking it and especially not the massive dose.

I also swear by Soy Isoflavones, which you can get at Wal-Mart (bottle for about $5), Amazon, any drug store most likely... It's meant for menopause, but used for 5 days in pretty high doses in the beginning of your cycle. Days 1-5 for more eggs, 5-10 for more mature eggs, and 3-7 for a good mix of the two. A lot of women compare it to Clomid, except it's over the counter and only about $5 for several cycle's worth (though you probably won't need it past the first or second. ;) ) If you Google it, you can figure out what dosages work and see about a bajillion success stories. I also used that the month I got pregnant with the Fertilitea.

Hubby can take large doses of Vitamin C for the antioxidant effect, which can have a great effect on his sperm. He can also take Selenium in decently high dosage to help increase sperm count and motility. Google for good dosages.

Other than that, have sex every couple days, enjoy, and RELAX.

I repeat, RELAX.

What tips do you have to conceive naturally?

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    Definitely agree with you there! That's a totally natural way to boost your chances a ton!
      I really liked reading this post. It's been 3 years since I had my daughter and even though I'm not planning on having more children anytime soon lol, I sometimes question my ability to get pregnant as easily as I did the first time. My husband (at the time) and I were sexually active for almost a year before we got married. As often as we did it, I always wondered why I never got pregnant until after we got married. Granted, I was happy that it happened that way, but looking back it makes me wonder if maybe it actually took that long to conceive? And now I have endometriosis which may or may not interfere with TTC in the future. I think I will look into all this once I'm in a position to have another child and see if it makes a difference!
      If you look on Amazon, there are women right at your age who have used Fertilitea to conceive instead of hormone injections, in vitro, etc. Lots of success stories. I donno if you're still interested, but it could totally work!
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