got my mother's day present early:)

I love the original ones I have on but I absolutely fell in love with these when I opened the box.

got my mother's day present early:)
    Thank you he wanted to get me something he personally picked out because when we got married we didn't have much money so his mom gave him rings that were in her drawer. So now that we r way better off he wanted to get me something nice. I was way surprised because he was pretending to be in a bad mood so he could surprise me... I love him here's a pic of my old ring. We are getting the new ones blessed tomorrow before I wear them
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      I'm a c section mommy, Jamy was delivered by emergency and Nicolas was a scheduled repeat. Im a sahm,and I wouldn't have it any other way....i have beenwith amazing husband for 6 years, married for almost 3....I've never felt more blessed.