Getting Ready: Coming Home From Hospital

We made sure we had our fridge and pantry stocked with food and ready to eat meals, We made sure the babies room was prepared and that we had plenty of diapers and wipes and the babies clothes were washed and ready. Leaving from the hospital we had the baby dressed in her clothes to come home in, we made sure the car seat was installed properly and brought it in and put her in it, with a blanket over top. There wasn't too much to it!

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    Charlie came 13 days early, so all of the things that I thought I would have planned went right out the window. We already had the necessities, but the meals, nope!

    Now is the time you should be talking with your partner about things like, who has night duty? If you're staying home for a while with baby, will you handle most of the responsibilities? Will it be split between you and dad? Will he handle things if he's home?

    Remember that regardless of how your baby is born, you need time to heal. Luckily newborns sleep A LOT (just not when we want them to). So take advantage of sleep when you can - much easier said than done.

    Next, will you allow visitors? I thought I would want everyone here to finally meet Charlie. I was so wrong. I felt the need to get up and play hostess the whole time and felt awful that I was too tired to even get anyone a drink or a snack. So talk about that now so avoid any misunderstandings or hurt feelings later. Your SO should be running interference at least for the first few days. Thank you for stopping by, but we are not ready for visitors. You are now a team, so the more you get on the same page with, the easier the next 18 years will be :)
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