Vaccinated v. Unvaccinated: My Choice & Why

I know this can be a sensitive subject but I wanted to share my choice with you. We chose to vaccinate my daughter, with all of the recommended vaccines at their recommended times. These vaccines were created to prevent deadly disease and have been very successful in doing so. As with any sort of medical procedure there are risks and side effects involved. But to me the small risk of a reaction to the vaccine is worth it. I could never live with myself if my child contracted or possibly died from a preventable disease. In the same respect I wouldn't be able to live with myself if my unvaccinated child was responsible for infecting other children. It is for her safety and the safety of others. I also was vaccinated as a child and turned out just fine.

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    Agreed. This is that hot topic for me. Moms who I have come across that don't vaccinate seem to have rad one or two articles that support the theory or link to autism and other things. I personally don't buy it. I think the risks out weigh the benefits every time. These are diseases.. that can cause death!! Not the cold, or the flu...

    I never flu vaccinated after they were 2 because it never seemed to protect them from all strands and they were healthy kids to fight it on their own.. Plus, I have to say that the moms that gave their kid the flu shot... they all got the flu...

    Vaccinations are important.. not only to protect your child.. but mine.
      I was against vaccinations until i had my boy 6 weeks early, and they did every single thing that was against my birth plan. i.e. give hi sugar so he could take his shots calmer-.- he was in the nicu and we did more research. it seems that the autism thing is very small chance but polio and whatnot are on the up and up from people not vaccinating! then we got all except hep c? be cause i personally felt he was safe from shared needles in the nicu. at his 2 month he did get hep c.but we wont be getting any flu shots ever. Our family doesn't do that
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