Oh no he didn't

I was trying to put the hot pan from breakfast in the sink but kado was standing in the way so I said, "kado please move. Kado... Kado seriously you need to move." He ran away turned around and said "make me!"

Like seriously!! Where is he getting this stuff?! First it's "big deal!!!" Now it's "make me!" What's next? Kiss my butt?

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      Kids catch onto things so fast.. You could have said something playfully and he now owns it... lol. BUT regardless, you need to nip this in the bud.. Make sure he's treating you with respect.. You don't have to be angry, he's normal and testing you, but I would stop what you're doing and go to him and look him straight in the eyes and tell him, "You don't talk like that to me, understand?" I would make SURE he knows that its not acceptable. Ever.

      And do you not leave the house much? Or were you joking? Maybe he needs some peers.. go to a park, playdates, other moms.. get him socialized a bit more and it sounds like he needs and outlet and you might too. :)
        Fully agree with Jessica Garvin that when he decides to test the waters, the boat stops and does not start again until you both know that he fully understands this is not acceptable behavior. Normal, sure, but not acceptable. Make sure Gary is going out of his way to speak to you in a respectful manner. Me and the bf joke with each other constantly and we're very sarcastic people. We know that we have changes to make very soon.
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