I've had trouble balancing work, household chores, friends, family, and an almost toddler lately. Work picked up quite a bit last month, which is good for our wallet but bad for my sanity. The house seems like it's just fallen to pieces. I can get quick things done, like picking up or folding laundry. It's the big things like mopping, cleaning the bathrooms, etc. that's falling behind.

When I do get some free time I want to spend it with Avery. That's the whole reason I quit my job to stay home anyway. I want to be her mom and teach her things, talk with her, take her to the park... I don't think sitting in the living room and watching me clean or work for hours is enriching enough so I do my best to interact with her as much as possible.

So my daily to-do's are prioritized like this: 1.) whatever work stuff is scheduled/urgent (usually done while Avery is napping). 2.) Avery things (playing, feeding, outings). 3.) Friends/Family activities. 4.) Cleaning the house.

As you can see, my house is last. I hate having a dirty house because Avery can get into to much stuff. Plus it's hard to think straight when you're surrounded by clutter. Still, I can't seem to get to it as much as I want... Ugh.

How do you balance everything?

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      Have you tried babywearing when do your chores?
      Give her a rag, my little one loves to follow me around with a rag and pretend to clean. We also bought a fake vacuum and broom then the kids were around 18months.
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