What is the best formula for babies with reflux

The best formula for a baby with reflux will be different for each baby. There is no one formula that is better across the board for all babies.

If you baby has reflux and is struggling with feedings you can try out different formulas. Remember that it is normal to take 2 weeks for a baby to adjust to a new formula. You need to try a new formula for 3-4 weeks to get an accurate result. If you change formulas too frequently your baby may have problems digesting it.

Some formulas claim they work better for reflux babies and you can give them a try. You can also ask your doctor for advice.

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    Babies with reflux definitely have a hard time digesting milk of any kind. Both my son and daughter have reflux. I found that my motherly instinct worked the best. I had to put both my children on soy formula because they had reflux as well as lactose intolerance. Just know that you know your baby better than anyone else and you will know what is best for them on the end.
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